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The Mall of San Juan San Juan, PR


Alongside the project's construction manager(DCK) and Landscape Architects(GMA), LCD was responsible for the installation of all landscape areas, landscape drainages, green-screens, green roof construction, irrigation system and a portion of the exterior landscape lighting. Financed by The Taubman Company, this project is the largest commercial project developed in recent years and is, without a doubt, the most upscale mall of the Caribbean.


With 12" of plant mix(composed of 2/3 compost and 1/3 top soil) to be spread on all landscape areas, over 4,000cubic meters of material where mixed on site and distributed accordingly to create great planting beds full of nutrients and microrrhizae. The tropical feel created is an homage to Puerto Rico's plant diversity and connects two(2) elements seldom seen together, commercial centers and plant life.



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