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ABOUT Landscape Contractors & Designers:


For more than 25 years Landscape Contractors & Designers (LCD) has accepted the challenge of creating lush tropical surroundings and natural splendours where there was once none, successfully reuniting man with nature.We specialize in applying nature’s graceful touch to commercial, industrial and residential complexes, as well as government and institutional properties.  Our work can be seen throughout Puerto Rico, the Caribbean(including the US Virgin Islands, Anguilla and the Dominican Republic) and Panama.


LCD is committed to creating beautiful spaces for residents and visitors through: 1 the use of local plants or the introduction of non-invasive species; 2 the appropriate use of storm-water management practices; 3 the use of innovative, green technology; 4 and the deepest sensitivity to a sites local conditions, history, and expected use.

Our specialized personnel will perform quality horticultural services with commitment to improving our environment by keeping up to date with current technological and horticultural practices, which ensures the use of energy saving, low carbon emitting equipment, as well as the safe handling and application of EPA certified pesticides, insecticides and fungicides.

At LCD it is of utmost importance to ensure, not only the preservation of our environment, but the harmonious integration of its constituent parts: PLANT, ANIMAL and HUMAN.


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